How to Reset File version warning?

How do you reset the file version warning in SketchUp’s preferences?

When you open a file in SketchUp from an older version than the one you’re using, you get a warning. There’s a checkbox to suppress the warning and I must have accidentally clicked it. I’d like the warning back.

I don’t want to reset all preferences which I think I could do by deleting PrivatePreferences.json or SharedPreferences.json or both. I don’t minding editing those files though if its hidden in there somewhere.

I like to use the warning to confirm that I’ve saved back to an older version. I know you can see it in Model Info/Files or look at it in a hex editor or text editor but I’d prefer to have the warning back.

I’m using SketchUp Pro 2018 on macOS High Sierra 10.13.2.

Never mind, I found it here

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUpSharedPreference.json

"Shared for All Computers": {
       "VersionDlg": {
            "Suppress": 18

This should still be in the user interface somewhere though.

try if enabling “SketchUp > Preferences > General > Automatically check models for problems” enables this warning message again:

Sorry, I posted at the same time as you were typing that. I have “Automatically check models for problems” checked all the time and it doesn’t enable the warning.

It doesn’t seem to be anywhere in the settings, but deleting it from the .json fixes it (do at your own risk).

Interesting! That key doesn’t appear in my SharedPreferences.json. I suspect it is added only if you suppress that warning dialog (I haven’t tested this because I actually want the warning - it’s useful when I look at a file uploaded here so that I don’t save a fix to a version the OP can’t read). No clue why the value would be 18 instead of just 0/1, y/n, or true/false…

It seems the wrong way round. If that key was there when the warning was enabled it would show it for every file, except version 18 (2018) which would be “Suppressed”. However, the key is there when the warning is disabled.

To me it seems wrongly implemented altogether. I don’t like “magic” settings that exist only for one of multiple possible values - especially when it is a binary show/suppress setting!

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Some programs have a “Reset all warnings” option. That would be nice in SketchUp so you could reset the warnings without losing any of your more important settings.

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