SketchUp Pro 2019 AutoUpdates Disable

Hello Guys,

We are packaging SketchUp Pro 2019 and would like to suppress autouodates feature for Layout shortcut so that our users should not get pop up to upgrade SketchUp Pro. Can anyone please help how to suppress it for 2019 version ?
We tried to save the settings in .json file created under appdata\local but everytime file is getting replaced and upgrade prompt receiving to users.

Please advice.

Suraj Malusare

Try the other JSON file in AppData/Roaming …

%AppData%/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/SketchUp/SharedPreferences.json

… and the key value pair you’re concerned with is …

    "Shared for All Computers": {
        "Preferences": {
            "CheckForUpdates": false,

So there are actually four possible locations/files:
SharedPreferences, PrivatePreferences for both SketchUp and LayOut.
Add: 6 if you include StyleBuilder

Hello Dan
Thanks for the quick reply. We had already tried to save preferences in SharedPreference.json but still it dint work. Even we tried to create HKCU registry (as mentioned in one of your thread) but no luck. Have you tried to suppress updates for 2019 version at your end ?

Hello Mike

Thanks for your reply. We tried to save preferences to all .JSON files created under %appdata% but Layout shortcut not taking any references from those. Every time its going for layout.private.json file and replacing it on every shortcut launched. Any other way ?

You should be able to disable the update checking from Preferences.


Yes I uncheck the box as Julia shows above.

(But then I am not imaging a drive for multiple installs.)

Like other apps, SketchUp is probably heading for a ‘versionless’ version. They need to address network licenses more, IMO.
IT departments often have to deal with hundreds off different software packages and multiple clients. You cannot let the IT-guy visit all clients to set the preferences, like in the old days.

I agree with Mike, the preferences settings mentioned by Julia can work only for single user machine, we have more than 1000 users and we cant let them to perform manual settings.

Just to inform you all that when we have now captured “layout.private.json” file with the check for updates checkbox disabled and placed under “C:\Users<userid>\appdata/Local/SketchUp/SketchUp 2019/Layout” for all our users, interestingly by looking inside the file we did not find any specific setting responsible to suppress checkbox but it still it works :slight_smile:

The only thing to notice here, that this JSON file contains other entries like shortcut windows pixel size, text size, fonts and etc., which we cant remove else we will get the update prompt again. Please find the attached file reference. (2.3 KB)

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