Managing SketchUp Pro deployment (macOS)


Is there a way to disable update checking in SketchUp Pro 2018? In previous builds I was able to edit the .plist to achieve this via mcx but it no longer seems to work?

The updates are handled by Munki in my setup so I do not wish to have notices hounding unsuspecting students that they should be updating the software.



Nevermind. Did some digging and the information is no longer stored in a .plist but rather a .json located at ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/SharedPrefereneces.json

Of note, in that file you can define “CheckForUpdates”: false, and “RubyManager_DisablePlugins”: true which is exactly what I was looking for.

Since our Macs are bound, I needed this file manipulated per user, so I created a LaunchAgent to run a script which basically creates the customised SharedPreferences.json file while the user logs in.

Not as pretty as manipulating these settings silently with profiles as in the past, but it gets the job done - and silently, at that.

Just thought I would share this if anyone else happens to come across this obstacle.


Can you share a sanitized version of your script as to how you created the .json file?

Also, did you happen to find a way to disable software updates for the as well?



Sure. That .json is basically default except for my required changes. You could customise it even further to suit, I’m sure.

The script is nothing spectacular but it works in my environment. Look into running it with outset or just call it as a LaunchAgent.

I have not looked into LayOut at all. Not sure the students use it. I might if I get time. Probably works under the same principles as SketchUp.


Regarding LayOut, I asked because I cannot find any files that are modified when disabling ‘Checking for Updates’. Unsuccessfully, I used fseventer, FSMonitor, and tried to capture differences with Casper Composer.

Oddly enough, in LayOut, the ‘Checking for Updates’ option is under LayOut Preferences > Startup (compared to SketchUp, where it is in Preferences > General).

FWIIW, for the Google-Verse, to programmatically accept the EULA for an enterprise deployment, that can be configured when you define “Accepted EULA” as true in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/SketchUp/PrivatePreferences.json


I had a very quick look at LayOut and I could see in ~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2018/LayOut/layout.private.json that there were similar options to the SketchUp 2018 .json regarding updates in a bool fashion but nothing I did to this file “stuck”. Even deleting this whole LayOut folder, had it recreate again on launch, while remembering previously set preferences.

There is a .plist in ~/Library/Preferences/ which contains the string ShowTipAtStartup (nothing in there about about updates) but as a proof of concept, not even manipulating that manually reflected changes within LayOut itself.

That is as far as I got with it. There is more at play. It obviously doesn’t use pref files the same way or as easily as SketchUp seems to.


Thanks for the quick sanity check on LayOut. Yeah, there is a hidden setting somewhere. Fortunately, LayOut is not the primary app so we might be able to deploy without setting that preference.

It would help if the developers would use Apple, best practice, plist files that could be manipulated with defaults commands. It would give the developers the ability to provide the end-users the experience they want to provide, yet also provide administrators to ability to programmatically configure settings to meet deployment requirements.


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