Disable "Allow checking for updates" in SketchUp Pro 2020 before SCCM deployment? How?

This small thing has irritated me…so much…what have I missed? I’ve searched but can not find a way to disable ‘checking for updates’ before I deploy to classrooms. Procmon confirmed that preferences are indeed written to - not one, but two .json files - but both only apply to the current user and not to “all users”. Why? Who does that? Admins who perform mass deployments are directed to the MSI. This has been of very little use, other than allow me to apply licence details in a transform.

What have I missed? Adobe never fails to anger me in a similar fashion but they do have admin tools to preconfigure applications before deployment. I’m…annoyed. I have to deploy this as it is as classes start tomorrow. If I don’t find a way to make simple adjustments and none are provided, I’ll just virtualise it with App-V, and if necessary continue to so in the future.

The department have paid for SketchUp Pro 2020, and from what I can tell so far, there is no improvement of administrative provisions in Pro 2021.

Please, if anyone has any other ideas they would be most welcome.