Disable Updates



I am new to sketchup and getting ready to deploy the software on multiple laptops. Is there a way to disable to automatic update prompt? I know there is an option under preferences but that does not disable it for all users.

Any help is appreciated


Hello @timmcgrath24 Can you tell me what version and type of SketchUp you have? For Example SketchUp Pro 2015. You may be seeing upgrade popups because you are using our free version, SketchUp Make. I would also like to remind you that if you are using SketchUp commercially you cannot use our free version Make, you must use SketchUp Pro. When you have a SketchUp Pro license, you can use the license on up to two different computers. Learn more about the different licenses we offer by clicking here.

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As a point of clarification, Su does not check for updates in the strict sense. I have not check since several versions back so maybe has changed but version information is sent from Trimble via TCP/IP periodically and then SU either responds to that or not depending on the status of “check for update” select box. I used wire shank as the TCP/ IP sniffier when SU was running.
Why SU check for updates cannot be deselected for all users cannot be accomplished via permissions in the template ??