Preferences problem

I imported my preference.dat file to my neighbors computer and now all his paths (Windows-Preferences-files) point to folders on my computer (we are not networked). Before I did it his paths were empty. Anyone know how to clear that and get his SketchUp pointing to the correct paths while leaving the shortcuts alone?

You should be able to change the path settings in Preferences>Files. Just click on the folder icons and browser for the correct folders.

FWIW, there’s an Options thing when exporting the Preferences.dat file. You can choose not to save those paths with the file.

Or you could run a wire across the driveway and let him store his files on your computer. :smiley:

Thanks Dave, looks pretty easy.

You’re welcome.

It is pretty easy but you want to string the wire high enough so you don’t clothesline yourself when you’re taking the garbage can down to the street. :smiley: :smiley: