School whitelist Requests

Our private PK12 school needs whitelisted please. We use Google Workspace. @Steve_Ketchup @CaseyG

I need my staff and students to be able to log into sketchup for schools

our domain is:


Can you whitelist please if it’s not already? We’re getting an error message when trying to login that wasn’t there previously.

Please whitelist as we are getting the login error message as mentioned in previous posts

can you please whitelist

Old thread but can you please add and to the whitelist.

Hello @CaseyG, are we still processing these requests?

Please can our school be whitelisted too?

@Steve_Ketchup @CaseyG

Please add our school’s domain to the whitelist: Nett Lake School District
Our website is on a different domain (, but all staff and student’s emails are on the domain.

I’ve added the app to the Allow List and can see it in the offered in my Waffle but I end up in the sign-in loop. With my domain not being part of .edu, I believe I found the issue.

Please add our school to the whitelist.

@Steve_Ketchup @CaseyG

Same probleme at our school for using SketchUp for schools.
Can you please whitelist our domain
Thank you!

Could you please whitelist our schools domain as well?

our school domain was whitelisted per this ticket 10579795 but we are still not able to login. our domain is we removed the app and reinstalled it. After reinstalling it in Google Workspace market place it says there are two more steps and provides a link to complete the two steps. When we click on the link it redirect to the Sketchup for schools agreement but there is nothing to accept and no additional step to take. I am not sure if this is outdated info or we are not being redirected to the correct page or our domain was not whitelisted correctly. Can the domain be check for whitelisting. Can you verify what the additional two steps are for enabling it for our domain.

I guess we need our district whitelisted if that’s a thing now. I have it trusted in the Google Console and it worked until this summer.

(Wake County Public Schools)


Can you withelist our school domain please:

K-12 school in Quebec, Canada
Ecole secondaire Mont-Saint-Sacrement

Thank you!

Hi, Can please be white listed.


We still can not log in to the app with accounts in our domain. Please check the database for I have redeployed the app and granted permissions in Google’s new third-party app system.

Is there an ETA for these requests? School started last week and they are trying to plan.

Could you please whitelist

Thank you.

@Steve_Ketchup Can you please whitelist