School whitelist Requests

Thanks again for the posts everyone I’ll address all of the new posts here so just look for your username and follow the instructions outlined and you will be all set to go!

First up, @jeff.koons, I am not sure what might be causing that. I’ll ping the team and see if they have any ideas. I tend to be more familiar with the Google end of things. The first step is usually to clear the cache and cookies though so if you want to try that, please feel free to do so while I look into that error code. Also, thanks for including that error code and screenshot. That will help a lot.

As for you @jeppedal and @Taher, I was able to get you both added right away and you should be all set to deploy the app. Just make sure not to skip any steps as that can cause issues later on.

As for you @Spiderweb, I wasn’t able to locate your website after a few quick searches and I need to verify a few things first. Can you link me to a website so I can look up some information for your entry in our database? If you don’t have a website, I can ask you a few questions directly via a private message.

Hopefully we can get you all up and running as soon as possible.

Hi Casey,

The School website is



Thanks @Spiderweb! I’ll get you added right now and you will be all set to deploy the app by the time this post is up. Just make sure not to skip any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause issues later on that might not be apparent at first.

As always, we would love to hear from you on ways we can improve SketchUp for Schools. We are especially eager to hear ideas for new lessons and curriculum that we can create to better serve teachers.

@CaseyG - skip any steps? What steps could we be missing?

@CaseyG - never mind. It works for us now…Thanks :slight_smile:

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@CaseyG Can you add I’ve already run through to approve things on the Google/Microsoft side and am getting this message each time I try to login:

@CaseyG Did you happen to find anything out about our M365 sign-in error? Thanks!

Edit added later: I opened a ticket with support on their website and they added it to the safelist within an hour. So try that route for faster help if you need your domain whitelisted.

Hi @neilmann, sorry for the delayed reply. I was traveling last week and caught something nasty after the plane ride and spent most of the week in bed.

I looked over your website and it seems like you are not a k-12 school. It is entirely possible I missed something though. If you have a k-12 program I missed I am happy to see what I can do to get that program added to our database but if you are a college, I would recommend that you have your students purchase a student license instead as the student license is usually a better fit for the kind of high level work they will be doing. Last time I looked, it was cheaper than some of my textbooks back when I was in college too.

Alternatively, they can use the free version. It has almost all the same base functions as the k-12 version.

As for you @jeff.koons, I did indeed talk to the team and they recommended that we start with the usual troubleshooting steps. Did you already try clearing the cache and cookies?

Finally, @DavidO I apologize for my lack. of a prompt reply. I am glad someone was able to help you out and you are up and running.

@jeff.koons I’ve sent you a note to gather more information.

Can you please whitelist ? We use office 365.

Thank you!

Hi … if this is necessary to make Sketchup work could we get our domain white listed as well? It is We’re Kingston and Newton, NH. A couple of students were able to log in somehow (I wasn’t onsite and we’re still testing that), but most (and myself) were unable.

Thank You
Rick Bond

Hello! Could you please allow for Sketchup for Schools? We’ve been using it for about 5 years and it suddenly started giving us the error described in this thread.

Sean Freese
Director of Technology
Sonoma Academy

Could you please add to the whitelist please.


@CaseyG, @Steve_Ketchup - Could we add my school to the whitelist?

Thank you!

@CaseyG @Steve_Ketchup

Would love to have our school whitelisted as it stopped working for us last week. with the subdomain


Hi everyone and sorry about the delay in my reply. I have been a little under the weather lately but am finally feeling a little better and can start working with the database again and will try and address everyone here in a single post to keep. things tidy.

First up @stadelmaa, as far as I am aware, we only need to worry about the firewall keeping people out if they are using certain types of software and Microsoft is not one that we typically need to worry about. If you are running into issues the cause is most likely a bad cookie or a bad cached file or a problem with the deployment rather than needing to be in our database. I am happy to add you regardless though if you can link me to your website so I can grab some info for our records.

As for you @rbondjr I am happy to add you to the database too! I just need to verify a few things for our records and that info can usually be found on a school or district website. Can you please link me to yours if you have one? If you don’t have one, message me privately and we can verify the information a different way.

As for you @sean.freese, thanks to your link I was able to verify everything I needed for our records and will have you added to the database shortly. Just make sure not to skip any steps as you deploy the app as that can cause similar issues later on when students try and access the app.

As for you @DFR1 I was also able to verify everything on your site so you should be all set too! Again, don’t skip any steps as the app is being deployed as that can cause issues later on.

Now for you @cfaille I have verified everything form your website and added your domains to the database too so you are all set. Just don’t skip any steps as the app is deployed as that can cause issues later on.

Finally for you @DianeN, I am happy to get you added to the database to make sure that it is not an issue with the permissions on our end but if it was working for you previously, it is likely that the issue is not with the permissions on our end and may be an issue on your end. If you can link me to your website so I can verify some info I will add you to the database but I would recommend we start troubleshooting a few things while we wait for the database to refresh after I get you added. TO start off with, try clearing cached files and cookies and see if that does anything to get you back up and running.

Cranbrook Educational k-12 is looking for whitelisting please.

Thank you

I need my staff and students to be able to log into sketchup for schools

our domain is:
additional organisation domains:,

Please could our students and staff have access by having our domain whitelisted. Both use the same domain: