Scanning an actual kitchen/living room and change cabinets/flooring or tear down walls

I am new to Sketchup, I have the free version so far, I am trying to see if it can do what I need but I do not think it can. I want to be able to scan with my phone (or a camera) an actual house, load the video (or set of pics) in sketchup (which will create my 3D model with photogrammetric techniques) and then remove walls (to create open space), change cabinets, and change the flooring. I want to be able to download 3D models of actual cabinets and flooring and try them out on an the 3D reconstruction of an actual house to see the overall effect. I don’t want the fake (virtual) model that sketchup seems to create, but I wanna do something like this: FloorCast™ - Augmented Reality Flooring Visualizer & Cost Estimator - YouTube , not necessarily live on my phone, but offline on my desktop using a recorded video. Sketchup augmented reality does not seem to do that. Any suggestions?

No version of SketchUp has a phone scanner that builds your model for you based on photos.

SketchUp doesn’t create “fake (virtual) model” of anything for you. You can model your cabinets by hand, or you can get lucky and there may be existing versions of them on the 3D Warehouse or on the manufacturer website. Most cabinetry is custom anyway, so sizes wouldn’t be necessarily correct for your particular house.

Augmented, as in the video of the floorcast app, can add things.
(fi, you can add cabinets or textured faces)
This works quit well in the mobile viewer, you can download your own or use 3D Warehouse models.
However, it does not erase walls. You need to model it as a larger room (or not model the dividing wall of two rooms.
Scans are good for ‘as build’ and can be a good base to build the model and then create walkthroughs in a virtual reality.

Thank you. But Augmented does not allow me to scan the house with a camera and create a 3D model of the interiors as people do for exteriors with drones at 1 cm resolution. I work on the field, easy to create a 3D model with my drone that looks like a real-world view, and people do it all the time with a 360 camera, Google Street style, also for interiors: How to Create a Virtual Tour with Any 360 Camera: Full Guide - YouTube . Not a fake reconstruction that I need to manually draw in sketchup, I am talking about the real thing automatically detected from pictures. Also, Augmented reality in Sketchup seems not to allow me to replace my kitchen cabinets with different ones (different size, height etc), and as you said, remove walls or change furniture.
Matterport (Matterport 3D Scanning & Interior Mapping for Real Estate - YouTube) seems to give high accuracy 3D reconstructions of real world. Would be cool to load them in Sketchup and having an AI algorithm that lets you replace or remove stuff.

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360 panorama, scans, pointclouds etc. do not deliver 3D models with objects automaticaly.
It’s just one big pile of pixels or colored points.
In time, AI would improve and create objects on the fly, but for now, some manual intervention is needed.
Maybe Google is further with it’s Captcha traffic lights recognition (you can’t miss!)

Check this thread:

Occipital makes a 3D scanning device that attaches to an Ipad. I understand that they have a service that converts to SketchUp:

There are also multiple 3D scanning applications and conversion services that use the LIDAR in an Ipad Pro, also some that deliver a SketchUp model.

Your modelling task of a kitchen and living room, however, could probably be accomplished in a short time with the help of a tape measure or a laser distance meter.

Yes, lots of ways to get the data in SketchUp, but to manipulate, the data needs to be editable and that means creating a 3D model ‘on top’

Maybe this will help:

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