Floor size adjustment to 3d kitchen - no scaling required!

Hi Im just looking for a bit of help with adjusting simply the floor size on a 3d Kitchen model. All the tutorials Ive found use the tape measure too and end up asking me to upscale the entire kitchen, but I don’t want to touch the cabinets just widen the floor. This should be so simple, why can’t I just widen the rectangle?

Thanks for any kind tips on what I’m doing wrong.

It would be easier if we could see the model. Perhaps you can upload the SKP file. Most likely instead of the Scale tool, you’ll use the Move tool to move selected entities and increase the size of the room without scaling the stuff in it.

If you do things right your model should be split up into groups and components. Meaning that cabinets etc. Are separated from the floor geometry. Maybe they already are.
Assign these groups and components to some layer that you can turn off. Then apply the ‘Move’ tool to move wall(s) to adjust the kitchen floor size. Neither the ‘Scale’ tool nor the ‘Tape Measure’ tool are appropriate for what you are after.

Thank you so much, the move tool was exactly what I needed to know. Im yet to work out the layer suggestion, sounds good though!

Thank you DaveR, you’re exactly right about the move tool. Very grateful for your help. Now Ill look into the SKP file thing, all new to me.

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