Kitchen cabinet stretch or size change with distorting each component part

Hello all,

I’m very much a newbie to SketchUp and come from an AutoCad back ground so I’m use to just putting an extend crossing box through my drawing and just telling it how far to go. IE changing a 600mm cabinet into 800mm cabinet. I’ve been modelling up kitchen cabinets with SketchUp and I’m struggling to find an easy way of taking a standard kitchen cabinet and changing its dimensions short of redrawing each component or group. Is there a parametric plug in I’m missing or does anyone have a simple method of stretching cabinets that doesn’t distort the geometry of each component.

I hope this makes sense.

Sorry if this is a very boring question with possibly a very simple answer.

Many thanks

basically same idea, except use the move tool rather than the scale tool, enter into the group, select the part / side that needs to remain same in a selection window, use move tool to move the fixed geometry and enter the distance, the sticky vertices follow

Yep that works. Thank you very much PCmoor.


This was just down the road and also adds some insight…Peace…