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Relatively new to sketch up. It’s a fantastic and intuitive piece of software. However, I’m at a loss atm and I’m in need of some help please.
I’ve designed some under stair cupboards and drawers but need to increased their width by 50mm for each of the units. Ordinarily the scale tool would work but because of the slope I’m unable to maintain the 48 degrees of the stairs and every thing goes to pot when I try and move/scale the units.
Any help would appreciated.

Use Move tool.

It would if you want to scale the thickness of the case sides and dividers. My guess is you don’t want to do that, though. As mihai.s says, use the Move tool instead and move the parts of the cupboards. Obviously you’ll also need to make the vertical parts taller as well.

So this is a rough drawing. There is a drawer in this unit. I don’t really want to ‘redraw/move/resize’ each individual component unless absolutely necessary.

If I just resize 50mm longer, the angle changes dramatically.

I don’t seem to be able to select an edge and move it using the scale or move tool without it affecting the whole group.

It’s not clear to me from this whether you have or have not used groups correctly. A group will isolate its contents from interaction with things outside the group. You can’t select or modify an edge inside a group without opening it for edit. But within the group while it is open for edit, things in the group stick together just as they would if loose outside all groups, and do not stick to anything outside the group.

Learn the basics about groups/components, Move tool:

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If you use Scale to change the width of the cabinet as a whole you will not only change the angle of the top, but you will also change the thickness of the verticals and and the top of the case. If that’s acceptable you can do it. I wouldn’t think you’d want to scale the parts. As Steve said, it isn’t clear if you are using groups or components for the individual parts of the case. The resizing doesn’t have to be a difficult task if the model is built correctly.

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Thanks for the answers and videos. It really is appreciated. When I get back home, I will upload more pics, better description and a drop box link to the drawing. Mobile phone and tablet are a pain at the best of times.

Sharing the SketchUp model is probably the best thing. That’ll let us see what isn’t visible in an image.

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Hi All,
Below is a dropbox link to the drawing. When you open it, you will see a cupboard (1), a 150mm gap, an angled carcass with and angled drawer(2) above a square carcass with square draw (3). Next to it, there is a duplicated angled carcass and drawer (4).
The cupboard (1) needs to be extended 50mm on the right hand edge.
Carcass and drawers (2) and (3) need to be moved left 50mm and extended left 50mm.
Carcass and drawer (4) needs extending left 50mm but is a carbon copy of (2) so should be mirrored when (2) is amended.

Any help is much appreciated.

I’ve added 50 mm to the width of the case on the left. Moved the right side over 50 mm, Push/Pull on the right edge of the bottom panel, Opened the angled top and used Move to move the right end down to meet the side and then shortened the side with Move to make the corner meet. Angles aren’t modified and panel thicknesses are still as they were.

By the way, I noticed that the axes aren’t aligned correctly for the top.
Screenshot - 3_24_2021 , 1_32_52 PM

I fixed it before moving on.

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Hi DavidR
Thanks. I understand the move tool and have moved that cabinet with that function.
However, the problem is enlarging/scaling the carcasses with the drawers. Am I going to have to explode all the groups and manually resize each individual component?

Is there any way of configuring the scale tool to avoid changing thickness

Do we know if there’s an extension that might help with this?


No. You don’t need to explode anything. The Drawer carcasses are treated the same way as I did the tall case on the left. Open the group for editing and use Move and Push/Pull to change the sizes.

No. The Scale tool will scale everything that is selected proportionally.

Box Scaling from FredoScale can move the sides but it won’t help with the angled top or correcting the height so you’d still have to get in and do some things manually.

Using Move to take care of this you would have had it all done in less time than you’ve spent trying to get the Scale tool to work. It is not a difficult nor time consuming process. The king-sized bed on the right was made from the queen-sized one on the left that way.

All of these chairs were made from the one on the left end with Move and Push/Pull.

Again, The stool on the right was made from the one on the left.

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Thanks for this. Its helped. Going to dedicate Saturday morning to this I think.

Thanks for all the help. 2 hours last Saturday and a final tweak today and I think I’m good to go.

Looks pretty good. Keep in mind that if you plan to use a cutlist extension with your model some parts like the ‘diag cab top’ will report with dimensions that don’t really reflect the dimensions of the component because you have left the axes aligned to the model instead of to the part.

Here I’ve changed the axes on the part so it accurately indicates the dimensions.

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Hi Dave,
I see what you mean. How can I change them?

Right click o n the component and choose Change Axes. Then set the origin, the red, and the green axes. The blue axis takes care of itself.

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Thanks. That makes sense on the OPENCUTLIST extension.

It makes sense to do that for any cutlist extension. :wink:

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