Modifying a created block

Base Cabinet Double Door.skp (139.8 KB)

So I have attached a model I made of a 600mm wide single door cupboard, Each part of the item is grouped as we would make it, Frame, Door, Carcase then at the end i grouped them all as a complete Item. What I wanted to do is use my 600mm model to create a 1200mm wide double door version.

So i tried stretching the frame and the carcase with the Scale tool but when I do this, the Vertical frame styles don’t stay in proportion. It is meant to be and is drawn as a 39mm frame all around. Also the vertical Gables (walls of the carcase) also get wider rather than staying at 19mm.

Is there a way to modify this block so that everything stays in proportion? This of course would be very helpful as ideally I don’t want to create a new cupboard every time I have a different width.

I hope this makes sense


Use Move tool for that.

The model you drew is not well structured. Think about how the elements you make look in reality and group the geometry you draw in the same way.

Hi, Thank you for your response. I did try the move but that will only pull the frame and not take the beaded section with it. Is this because of how it is drawn? I want the whole 39mm to move together.

I don’t meant to sound rude but I don’t understand what you mean by draw how the elements look in reality and group the same way? I have drawn each element as it looks in reality.

Do you mean for example drawer the frame and carcase as one as both these elements change in line with each other?

If you want to continue with the current model, then use the Move tool instead of the Scale tool.

In reality, you actually have some 19 mm thick boards of different sizes that you’ll combine. You grouped many of them in the same object.

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Thank you this is so helpful, I see what you mean now. that first video you stretch the carcase exactly how I want to do it. The frame would be stretched it the same way rather than doubled up.

I will give it a go and see how I get on, Grouping is really important in this program it seems.