Scaling drawer boxes - ran into issues


Hello All,
I drew a model of a cabinet I’d like to build and it has 20 drawers. Some of the drawers are different heights and some are different widths. I thought I was being productive by drawing one drawer box and making it a component for resizing. I made unique components for the different sizes and then scaled the original to fit within the opening I needed. It went well and was relativity quick, but when I ran the cut list plugin, I noticed that all the parts were the same size as the original drawer box…not what I need for a successful cut list. I now know that scaling a component doesn’t change other instances but what is the best process solution to salvage the work I’ve already done?
What’s the proper approach to this problem?
I draw each piece of the cabinet and drawers as if I were building it so I get accurate cut lists to take to the shop.



Right click on the components you resized and make them unique. They need to be different components. You can and probably should edit their definition names so the cut list makes sense. Then click on them again and choose Scale definition.

Unless the drawer parts are very simple, Scale is not usually the right tool for the job. This is especially so for drawer boxes joined with dovetails or box joints.


depending on the complexity of the drawer, use Generate Report:


Thanks for the reply.
What’s the best way to size different drawers? Drawing one at a time seems like a chore that would have a better solution. Scaling seemed easy but it didn’t work out that way.


Select only half of it, and use the Move tool to adjust the distance between sides.

This sometimes means having to create a cutting plane via the intersect faces command, so that there is an opportunity to select only one half of an object.


If you only want to change the length of the drawer parts, Jim’s method can work fine and you only need to drag a left to right selection box around on end and use Move. But if you are changing the height and the drawers have dovetails modeled, it’s very tedious to do using the same process.