Dynamic component scale problem with internal geometry

So as my topic would suggest I have an issue where I have a groove in one face that distorts when I set the dimensions of the components. This happens in the Z axis. Essentially I want the groove to remain unchanged in size and location. Can this be done within the single component? Uploaded my component as well.

my component test.skp (114.9 KB)

Resizing with Dynamic Components is a scaling operation. If you change the height of the drawer by changing LenZ, the groove will get scaled along with the side.

How aare you using the drawer component? Are you hoping to make dimensioned drawings AND get accurate cutlist dimensions from it?

Yes, trying to get a cut list using Open CutList. That extension views every component as a part. I can get the piece cuts fine but it is when the i want to add the additional details like dado’s and holes it gets dicey.

I don’t use dynamic components for woodworking so I don’t know how it will affect your workflow but if the groove (and the space under it) is the same regardless of the drawer height you need a ‘drawer side’ component and within it are 2 sub components - one that doesn’t get scaled and is the groove and the area under it, and one that does get scaled and is the area above the groove.

Yes. It would. You could split the drawer box parts into two components, the bottom including the groove and the top above the groove. After getting the right dimensions for the box, explode the two halves into one component.

Or maybe the grooves aren’t really needed. I have a dynamic drawer box component designed specifically for Blum undermount drawer guides. There’s no joinery modeled at all so they give me the correct dimensions in the cutlist.

Using the open cut list extension it sees all components as an individual part, unfortunately.

Can you share an example? Thats exactly what I am trying to do

Here’s a screen shot. You can see in the right hand copy that there’s no groove for the bottom modeled in the sides. There’s also no joinery for the corners of the box because the box is to be built with dovetailed joinery which isn’t required to be shown. The fields in the Component Options with the gray background are information required by the manufacturer of the drawer boxes to quote prices.