Stretching Doors on SketchUp 2017

Hello everyone,
I have made a bunch of different door styles on sketchup and want to be able to stretch them to be different sizes. I am sort of new to the program, I have mainly worked off Autocad. I was wondering if there is a way to make a dynamic block which stretches the design properly. When I stretch, it does not stretch properly. Eg. I have a 8cm border and when I stretch it the top and bottom stays 8cm but the sides stretch out to be more then 8cm. (I hope this makes sense). Any help will be greatly appreciated.
Ps: I have looked at tutorials and also used the scale command. No luck.


Make the door as 5 pieces; the four frame parts and the panel. To make the door wider, Move the stile (side frame part) and then, depending upon the style of the panel, either use Push/Pull or move on part of the panel.

Or you could make the door as one component and Move only part of it.

You could also make a dynamic component that essentially does the same thing.

See this for idea.


Using SketchUp Make (which, per your profile, is what you use), there is no way to do this easily. Depending on the actual geometries used, you might be able to select and move key parts that result in the stretching you want, but it requires great care in execution.

If you want scale to work intuitively on your doors, you should upgrade to Pro and learn about creating Dynamic Components. With Dynamic Components, you can model each part of the door as a component, then group them together in a single, top level component. With careful use of the “ScaleTool” behaviour in the Dynamic Component Attributes, you can make it so that, when you scale vertically, the sides stretch, the panels stretch, but the horizontal pieces remain as is. Similarly, with a horizontal scale, the horizontal pieces become longer, the panels wider, but the side pieces don’t distort.

And darn it! I see now that @DaveR beat me to it - with simplicity!