Sketchup dynamic calculation incorrect

Hello, I’ve created a library of kitchen cabinets using the dynamic feature of SketchUp.

  • The cabinets are adjustable in terms of width, height, depth, kick, etc.
  • The shaker doors have adjustable door width.
  • Door and drawer openings.

However, I’ve encountered an issue: when I duplicate my original cabinet, sometimes everything works correctly, but other times it doesn’t (the doors go to the right of the cabinet, the width of the facades exceeds that of the cabinet).

Despite having correctly calculated the width of my top and bottom rails, the calculation result is incorrect.

is Group1 a proper component? one thing i’ve run into is if you use groups instead of components, then resizing (esp expanding) is unreliable.

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Are you saving the dynamic component first, then importing it into a new drawing? You shouldn’t need to be editing the component to make changes with the attributes.

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Some parts are not becoming unique, as @glennmstanton, these are most likely groups. Whereas when brought into the file separately rather than copy, they are unique and behave.

When rebuilding a DC, use Eneroth’s deep unique extension (after install, via right click menu) directly after the copy, before any alteration. Can use this for the above situation,

Generally best to work with components with use of groups only at lowest level, (groups being used for bits of a whole, like to form a L shelf)