How do I make a re-sizable window component?

I build sunrooms and the windows are always custom sizes. if I make a window a component or group and try to resize it the center bars and other extrusions change size as well. I’d like to be able to keep the cross section dimensions of the extrusions the same but have their lengths change as I resize it. is this possible? this would save me a ton of time if it were so any advice is welcome!

you could try flextools
I’ve found it to be an easy way to produce windows, amongst other things.

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With native tools, no plugins, make the window a group or component, then use the selection tool to select parts of the frame and the move tool to move tool to move (stretch) it out.


A lot depend on the complexity of your windows and how many you need to make and modify. If they are quite straight forward you can use the move tool to shift things around to fit, rather than scaling.

But if you have a lot of them you could use Tak2hata’s Stretch by area.
Or you could build dynamic components that you can specify the sizes you need. That would work well if you do this a lot and use the same extrusions all the time with different sizes.


I’m looking up dynamic components and it looks like I have a lot to learn but it should work. thanks!

Another to explore is Fredoscale from Fredo6. It is at Sketchucation