I need Help with 3D Drawing

Hello! I am an aluminum Fabricator and I draw my Fabricated Items in Detailed 3D.
As you know, we have standard systems that I would like to design once and just change the Height and width of the window without changing the size of the profiles.
Anyone can help?

Do you have an existing SketchUp SKP model file that you are looking for suggestions to modify? Or are you looking to hire someone to make models?

If the former, the Move tool can be used to change the length or width of an overall object while keeping local proportions unchanged. For a window frame that is modeled as one monolithic Group or Component, you can open the group or component for editing (via double-click), select all of the top frame geometry (edges and faces), and then move them up or down to change the height of the window without thickening the top frame pieces (which would happen if the Scale tool were to be used instead of Move).

Ideally, the modeled frame would have separate Components that corresponded exactly to the as-built actual frame pieces. Then you can select the top frame object(s) and Move it up or down. Then open each of the left and right frame objects, select their end geometry, and Move it up or down the same amount (using SketchUp’s inference feature to land exactly on the new location of the upper frame). This method preserves the local length or tongues, the circularity of holes, etc. which would be distorted of the Scale tool were used to stretch or compress the overall side piece.

Or might you be looking for help with modeling the window as a Dynamic Component, which can have pre-programmed behaviors to alter its shape?

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Trimble Creator might be an option to look at too…


Fredo Scale