Modifying a Window

I downloaded the linked window from Pella, and I assume there is an easy way to resize, for different frame widths, without breaking it up, but I’m baffled. Any assistance is very appreciated.

School link:

Your link is to a SketchUp logo.

Try the first link

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you have selected a dynamic Component that is part of the Pro Version (installed) and does not work on the cloud version, whereas the live components do

Multi-Unit Window | 3D Warehouse (

Sorry, the education link does that, if you don’t have an education license. Apparently Trimble has two paths to the Warehouse.

With a username like that, you don’t think I have Pro?
I have Pro, but thanks; I have to learn about Dynamic Components apparently? I’m betting that’s what I needed to know.

SU has gotten so much more…since the days of @Last

oh well you know, with my username, people often think I’m actually a team of people working together in an atelier whereas I’m a solo guy hanging out by the couch. (obviously, the confusion isn’t on this forum, since I’m using my ugly mug as avatar)

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to be fair, it says you’re using 2017 and a pro trial, and you gave a link to SU for schools, how is anyone supposed to know what you know and what you don’t ?

tell me about it, 1999 was its last true good year.

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I did not say you did not have Pro, only that DCs work on Pro.

FYI ruby only works on Pro, not on the cloud versions, therefore extensions like DC do not work. The LC is a bridging software that allows you to change then insert (update) a component in all versions of SketchUp