Removing part of kitchen



Hiya! Im trying to make a kitchen shorter by removing a couple of cabinets. How do I do that?


Your question omits more information than it provides! Presumably you can select the cabinets and delete them. Is there some reason why that doesn’t work? If not, can you share the .skp file so people here can see what is going on?


I just started late last night so forgive me. I purchased plans for a house and am making changes in sketchup. I want to make kitchen smaller. Maybe I should ask for help until I know what info would be needed?


Our problem is that we have no idea how the house was modeled nor exactly what you mean by “make the kitchen smaller”. The former strongly affects what you must do to edit it, and the latter determines what changes you need to make. We don’t even know whether the plans are 3D or 2D! You need to more fully describe the situation and ask specific questions, else we are guessing in the dark!


Making changes in Su implies to me you have the plans in a format you can load into Su=> True?
If what you purchased is on paper are you allowed to make a copy or have a flat bed scanner to make copy.?
Some stores like Staples provide a copy service you can also get a image file ( jpeg) which can load into SU