Sketchup Go Scan to Design with ipad

Looking for some feedback on the Sketchup ipad Scan to Design. Can you get a floor plan plus a ready to go Sketchup Model with all door and window openings. Does it elimante having to measure the room(s).

No. Scanning does not work that way. You can scan a room, or even a whole house but the scan is essentially a point cloud with a connected mesh which is painted with a photo of the room. It’s great for quickly capturing a general sense of things with pretty remarkable accuracy really, but it’s not a working model with square geometry or distinct architectural elements separated.

Does it eliminated measurements? Depends on the accuracy you need. For a basic layout, within an inch or two it’s pretty good and very very fast. But it will not do for true as-built dimensions to cut lumber from, hand measuring is still required for accuracy.

thanks very much for the response

I got the impression that it was accurate. I now read from the attached screen shot that you have to pay Canvas to transfer the scanned image into Sketchup.

That looks a bit outdated. Scanning via iPad LiDAR is now integrated directly into SketchUp, no outside app like Canvas required. You can scan from and directly into the e SketchUp environment. It works as well as Canvas did, (I have used both). Scan essentials is an extension for the desktop app windows only that handles much more dense point clouds generally generated by high end pro scanners. I have no idea if Canvas is still doing their scan to SketchUp service which was basically a human worker in the background i believe for a price.

Thanks for confirming that.

If a customer wanted me to measure up a room or two. Normally I would create a floor plan from a hand sketch drawing the room layout adding doors and windows etc and then add the measurements. Can I do this process on the Sketchup Go and then transfer the floor plan directly to Sketchup Pro. I hope that make sense.

Yes you can.

Thanks very much Riley for all your help with this. Nice to beable to confirm what the Sketchup Go can and can’t do. Still will be a big help to make the initial sketch using Sketchup. Have a good evening.

forgot to ask one more question in regards to the ipad. is it necessary to get a cellular ipad or will the wifi do and will the 11 inch ipad work

You need an iPad with Lidar. It needs to be a Pro model.

Their are a few options for ipad pro depending on price. Will the 11" Pro ( includes Lidar ) work with 256 gb of storage .

Is it necessary to get an ipad with cellular or is just having wifi enough

Celular is not necessary. You should be sure that it has LIDAR. The first iPad pro hasn’t Lidar

Is there any documentation on how accurate the scans are?

For instance:

At 10’ +/- 1/4"
At 20’ +/- 1/2"
At 30’ +/- 1"
and so on…

I saw that you can set the scan quality to 2", but I’d like to know the accuracy from face of wall to face of the opposite wall in the room, or floor to ceiling. I don’t own an iPad yet, but if this proved to be accurate, I would seriously consider getting one just for scanning existing conditions. Of course it would be even better if you could do the same thing in a much more portable and affordable iPhone! There is a thread on that and if you agree please let the developers know!

Also, can you scan more than one room at a time and get good results? If that’s possible, can you scan an entire house in one integrated file?