SketchUp for iPad Scan to Designs

Hello, I have some questions regarding SketchUp for iPad’s Scan to Designs feature!

Can SketchUp for iPad’s Scan to Designs (New Tool) only be used for interior designs, such as room space? Can it also be used for outdoor areas, like roads, etc.?

Are there any limits on scan time and space area?

I had a problem while scanning an outdoor area. The processing time is very long and I couldn’t obtain the scan data!

Please update your profile, SketchUp Version: 202, Operating System : 2023 and Graphics Card: 2023 are not proper values.

The limitations will depend on your iPad’s memory and the amount of information it can store. It can be used outdoors, but I don’t think room plan will detect many elements. You will always have the mesh.

As an option, you can use the 3DScanner app, export in USDZ format, and import it into SketchUp Pro.

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