Scan-to-Design with iPhone?

Does Scan-to-Design work with iPhones with LIDAR cameras, or only iPads?


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Only IPads… For now. Hopefully Trimble will allow it on IPhones and we have asked.

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Thanks jlo1 for your reply.

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Yes, that would be great! Even if we could only do basic scanning through the iPhone camera, and transfer the data to the iPads.

I have played around with a few iPhone apps on my 14 Pro Max that allow you to do some of that lidar scanning.

Scaniverse, Polycam, and magicplan. Magicplan is great for grabbing floor plans that I imagine you could bring into SketchUp as images to trace over. I’m still a newbie to SketchUp, but can see its utility.

Ironically, they are using the tech from the canvas app (I believe)( that does work with iphones but SKP hasnt adopted it that way themselves. It clearly is a business decision not a hardware decision.

As an architect, a lot of my work includes drawing 3D plans of existing buildings. Can anyone recommend a good app for the iPhone with LIDAR that produces 3D models of multiple rooms, that can be imported into SketchUp?
Thanks in advance.

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I think one of the most used and respected ones for quality and number of export types is magicplan but I don’t use it. Has many corporate users. The only one I’ve ever used is something called CamtoPlan with mixed results. I suggest trying the SketchUp version on ipad for best integration. Search through the app store for “room scanner” and you’ll find many apps to try that work on iphone. Personally, I’ve just used different apps to try pulling images (floorplans, mostly) into SU with dimensions and going from there, tracing and extruding.

Thanks reidmakesmusic for your reply. I’m glad to know about MagicPlan.
Yes, I would use SketchUp for iPad if I had an iPad with LiDAR! But I don’t.

I would do a search for apps, but I was looking for some recommendations from people who have used apps and are happy with them.

There are tons of clips on youtube covering the lidar/photogrammetry scanning topic. Canvas and polycam seems to be the go-tos. Sketchup uses canvas. I have a client who has used canvas multiple times successfully. They also have a paid service to covert the pointcloud to simple geometry (which sketchup now should do natively for free).

Magic plan seems promising as well but seems newer so not really sure on my end.

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Just found these helpful videos where Justin Geis talks about his use of Polycam on the iPhone and SU. I may use some of his tips. His videos taught me the basics of Photo matching which you could use in conjunction with the Lidar scanning.

And there is this more recent one about using the Canvas app (available for the iPhone)…workflow seems smoothest and can understand SU choosing to integrate it in their native tools.