SketchUp - Lidar - Canvas compatibility

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Have you heard of the Lidar sensor available on iPhone12 Pro or Ipad12 Pro? This allows 3D scanning with several apps such as Canvas. I am wondering if it is compatible with SketchUp?
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Google search

Scan To CAD output: SketchUp | Canvas

Youtube search

Thank you, it’s helpful!

Wow, I am continually amazed by what tech can achieve. However, I am also old enough to know that the devil is often in the detail.

For SU users, there seems to be two routes:

  1. Tracing over the processed image;

  2. Use Scan 2 Cad to have it automated.

Tracing might be fine if you can lock onto critical items, like corners. Otherwise, it would all become as approximate as tracing over a 2D image. But at least you get to choose what is important and what isn’t.

The automated process looks great at first glance. My house is not small but at $0.15/sq.m., it would only cost $375 to do the whole thing. Compared to the time it would take to do that in the traditional way, it is very cost effective. But I wonder how well the system can deal with wall thicknesses, say?

The video tells us that dimensional accuracy is very good. I’d like to know just how good. I can imagine it being good enough for most architects or interior designers.

I am also interested to know what constitutes a “project”. is it one room or can it mean a whole building? Also, how realistic is it to do a whole building with the memory limitations of an iPad?

I am certainly intrigued enough to go and find out more.