Unable to save scan on the Sketchup iPhone app

The Sketchup scanner on iPhone works well, but it is not possible to share or save on the iPhone app.
I am logged in to Trimble

Which app are you using? Is this a beta function?

I use the SketchUp app 6.5.0 (2062) downloaded from the app store. You cannot create a new skp file and need to open an existing file to scan.

on iphone, it’s just a viewer. you can’t create a new file

you need an ipad to actually work with the app.

@Sofala Apologies for the confusion. Scan being available in the Phone version of the 6.5.0 release was an inadvertent mistake on our end.

But it creates an opportunity, certainly, to learn more about what your expectations would be, from a workflow perspective, if Scan were available in the Phone app, and what you feel like you would need the Phone app to be able to do aside from create and save new scans.

actually that’s too bad.

I don’t have an ipad, don’t have the cash to put in it JUST to scan stuff in 3d.
But I have an iphone.

and the chances of me getting a lidar iphone are higher than me getting an ipad just for that.

it could be good to be able to scan using the iphone and go work on it in SU Pro on desktop


I have an iPad Air 5th generation which afaik doesn’t have Lidar (I’d be delighted to be told I’m wrong!). It runs SU for iPad fine.

But I have an iPhone 12 Pro which does have Lidar and it would be great to be able to use it for input to SU.