NVIDIA Omniverse AEC Experience

NVIDIA Announces Omniverse Open Beta, Letting Designers Collaborate in Real Time — from Home or Around the World Photorealistic, 3D Simulation and Collaboration Platform

Works with SketchUp!


So this is basically a rendering and collab suite with cloud hosted file management yet local rendering, if I get that right? Looks promising, would love to see VR features thrown in there as well for client presentations.

I’m excited about this. For so much more than rendering…if it can load things in to one environment we can collaborate in realtime across platforms.

One question…how does it manage to geolocate the sketchup file? The other imported data from revit, rhino, etc will be at true coordinates, not 0,0,0.

The only thing I now is on there website, for questions ask Nvidia. SketchUp manual: https://docs.omniverse.nvidia.com/plat_developer/con_connect/Omniverse_Connect_Sketchup.html

Going to have to upgrade my computer

Omniverse introduces a new type of rendering with Omniverse View. This module is accelerated by multiple NVIDIA RTX GPUs and built for extreme scalability on arrays of GPUs to provide high-quality, real-time output, even with huge 3D models. Omniverse View displays the 3D content aggregated from different applications inside Omniverse, or directly in the 3D application being used. It’s also designed to support commercial game engines and offline renderers.

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Has anybody has any hands on with this yet, I haven’t got round to it but it’s still on my list.

I tried it to the point I had to buy a RTX went to buy the 3090 and it was out of stock. It still is. I would try the 3080 thinking the extra VRAM was probably needed and that would be a mistake, but the 3080 was also out of stock…

Still using Thea and Twinmotion ever since. But Twinmotion now has a plugin for Unreal, and I’m back at checking if RTX is back on stock.

I will end up rendering in watercolor. It’s faster.

Oh nice, I think I was lucky to get my 3090 when I did