Scale tool moves object way out into space

I scaled an object up by 1000 times because anytime i used eneroth solid tools, it error’s out. Even at 1000 times in scale, eneroth still said something went wrong. So i used the built in solid tools which worked for this case. Anyway, i then scaled the object down by .001 to get it back to its original size and now my card is somewhere in space. I do ctrl+shift+e to zoom extents, but i need it back at the origin, how do i accomplish this? is there a option to have it go back to the origin


When you Scale back down be sure to use the same Scale handle that you used to Scale it up.

But you can avoid having to Scale back down by using Components and the “Dave Method”. That way you can just delete the Scaled up copy and the original will reflect the changes as it is a component.


The smart thing would have been to use the Dave Method so you don’t have to scale down again. The second thing would be to scale down using the same scale handle you used to scale up. Now, go find the object, grab it with the Move tool and start moving it. Let go of the mouse and type [0,0,0] and hit enter. Type the square brackets.


@DaveR Our brains appear to be connected in some strange way right now :smiley:


I tried the dave method multiple times with no success:(

this is what happens when i use the dave method. it happens ALL the time. been here an hour. This is scaled to 10,000 larger as a second component

awesome. ill give it a go.:slight_smile: thanks for the tips on the scale handle everyone and thanks dave for the [0,0,0] trick.

I’m quick guessing by the looks that the starting components are not solid looking at Entity Info. To produce a solid you have to begin with solids…

hmmmm, my sketchup says they are both solids in entity info. I just checked.

i wonder why it shows different on the scaled version?

We’ve talked about this before. The reason it doesn’t work for you is because you are using groups. The Dave Method works with components but it doesn’t work with groups.

lol, right, but i know for a fact im not using groups. the outliner shows it named as group but when i click on it, says component. i know i made them components because what i do to one, copies over, even with it named group. which i have no idea where su got that haha

I named it grouped thats why it shows up as grouped. I just tried to make a new component and i typed grouped and it says “A componet with that name all ready exists.”

i named it group so i could have the heart and card in one component

Why do you have it nested?

Just upload the Sketchup file.

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You should just upload your file really.

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i have it nested because if i select all the components, then make a copy, scale the copy, make the cuts, it doesnt copy over to the smaller one. i thought it would but it doesnt. so i resorted to making a nested copy.

ill upload but i gotta figure this out as well. haha. 2 of hearts.skp (352.5 KB)

here is what i mean of why i nested them: also, for some reason, eneroth decided to play nice this time. it worked even at 100 times scale, even though the gif is at 1000


I just tried on your file and it worked at 1000x for me too. The output is two solid components. I always scale 1000x as that is more likely to overcome small face issues that might be present.

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You scaled the heart component instead of scaling the geometry inside it. Right click on the heart and choose Scale Definition.


After you correct the components definition, the Dave Method works fine.

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same, i always do a 1000 but no matter what i did today, it would not work. I tried 1000, 10,000, 100, even larger than 10,000 and eneroth would give me an error.

not sure i follow. I made sure both components were selected when i used the scale tool…

Wait. are you refereeing to when i made the heart? if so, ill do what you say, but it still doesnt copy over for some reason

I don’t understand what you mean by that.

By the way, the number of entities in that heart is extreme. There’s no need for that on such a small thing.