Dave Method Questions

I tried the Dave Method as described by @Box. I started with a component, copied and scaled up by x100. Then I had two of the same components. I then exploded the x100 component, made changes, then re-created the component. The original component does not have the changes. What am I doing wrong? Also, the larger component has many stray vectors. Thanks for your help.

Front3.skp (447.2 KB)

Don’t explode the large component. Doing so breaks the link between them.

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By exploding the component you un-associated it from the original. Just open the scaled version and edit it and the edits will appear in the unscaled versions of the component.

The stray edges it appears are a result of folding. They are not stray, they represent hidden folds in the surfaces. Probably a result of moving one part of the piece making things out of plane.

Monospaced was much more concise and faster on the keys. :wink:

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Why? Just open the scaled up component for editing. There’s no need to explode it. Exploding the component defeats the entire point of the method.

You are right. I thought using the follow me tool needed exploded geometry, obviously I was wrong. Thanks.

This is what I was trying to overcome before. When I edit the scaled up component, I get this on the original. Any ideas? Thanks.

Make the component 3D before you scale it up. Even if you just add a temporary line segment running in the green direction inside the original component, that should fix it.


Thanks Dave, looks like I will have to start over. I would like to salvage one entity, but SI2 indicates it has “Surface Borders”. Is there a way to solve this?

You’d need to recreate a face where the red lines are showing in your image. A solid has to be closed, and that looks open.

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I think @Box has explained the “solid” thing in one of your other threads. In order to have a solid every edge must be shared by exactly two faces. No more. No less. On your screen shot it appears you have nothing but an open surface.

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Thanks Dave and John, think I got it.