Need help not sure why my object has invisible lines that have become so long

How on earth can i bring these back down to the correct size which is just the small square of the drawer face. Not sure how it happpened in the first instance.

The drawer face actually sits just over the red axis if thats part of the problem?

If you share the file, someone could take a look…

My guess is you used the tape measure at some stage and included a guide within a component.
GIF 20-07-2022 7-36-47 PM

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That’s exactly it! Thank you, I did some further looking into it and clicking explode on the component I was able to move the bits I needed.

Note that it may not have been necessary to explode the component (which can have undesirable side-effects, such as sticking the exported geometry to its new neighbors). You can double-click on a component to open it for editing, then make changes while it remains an isolated component.


And remember that if you had assigned a tag (or layer in older versions of SU) to the component or group, then explode it, all the object’s edges and faces will have the tag attached to them. BAD idea to leave it that way.

So after remaking the component or group after exploding it, open it for editing, select all, then set the tag to Untagged (or the layer to Layer0).

Might have actually been easier to redraw the component correctly than to fix the bad geometry.

Could it have been a moment where using the right select to get only included geometry and then inverse that selection to get whatever’s on the outskirts?

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