Component Edge Issue

I have made a component and deleted all the guide lines but when I select to edit the component it acts as if I have a missed line far away from the component. Am I reading this correctly? How do I resolve the issue? The file is too large to attach.


The opened component’s bouding box looks ok, although it could be smalled, tight around the object on the right. The local origin has blue pointing down, odd.
Move and rotate the component’s axes to “fit” the component.
(right click on the closed component and select ‘Change Axes’ in the context menu.)

Otherwise separate the component and upload it here.
(open SketchUp a second time and use ‘Copy’ in one SU instance and ‘Paste (in place)’ in the second one.)

Make sure to check hidden entities and hidden layers as well. Or even guide points - though I see you have then visible at the moment.

Thank you! It appears that the axis was dropped in accidentally and was so close to the origin that I was mistaken it.