Edit component and it disappears


I created a simple box and made it a component. Placed it into a terrain model brought from Trimble locus. When I clik “edit” on it, it either makes it disappear (zooms some where far maybe?) or distorts it. It is impossible to edit it like this. What is the problem in this, anyone knows?

How far from the origin is your component? Is it the same with the other components/groups nearby?


Thank you for your time to answer me.
I don`t know how the see coordinates in SketchUp (or origin either), but I assume importing brought the coordinates from Trimble Locus. So should I try again and change coordinates for elements I wanna bring into SketchUp before importing? Question number 2: All elements in SketchUp file are close to each other (in this north periphery where it is placed).

You’re welcome!
Checking position

When you imported it, did you check the box ‘Preserve drawing origin’?


Axes arent shown in my view, so I dontt see the origin (cant measure). And I think there is difference in importing, since I wrote the file into .skp in locus and there aint that kind of choosing the preserving the origo. Maybe it is “hidden” in a file, that defines these equivalences. So I just open the file in SketchUp (that I saved in Locus). No options asked there.

In SketchUp go to View > Axes (check)

You do not need to see the origin to know where an object is located, Just use the Text tool on one of the points of the object.

What type of file did you import into SketchUp?

I have the mark to show axes are “on”, but there are still no axes in workspace.
What kind of file…: There is “write a file” option in Trimble Locus, where I chose …SketchUp alternative. It opens up this tab/menu for what to write into file (no preserve origin alternative).

Now I need a lunch brake :slightly_smiling_face: thank you for your help this far ! Maybe I should ask more from our Locus expert, although he knows nothing of SketchUp.

In fact lunch brake helped: I got it solved! Problem was that components were too far from origin. Administrator was able to change were the components are placed when opening file in SketchUp (coordinate based). This is just for record, if someone else has this same kind of a problem.