Component with two axes

Hi everyone!
I’m relatively new to SketchUp. I’m sorry if I’m posting this on the wrong category.
For my project, I’m making a model in SketchUp, and importing it into Unity. I’m having certain troubles regarding the import of my model into Unity regarding the Hierarchy/Outliner, but I think I’ll solve it.
My main problem with my project is regarding Component Axes.
For every component on my model, I NEED two axes (or origins, or points, don’t know how to correctly name it).
I need one in front of the model, outside of it. I’m doing this by “Make Component…” -> Set Component Axes). This is working great.
My second axes needs to be in the center of the face of the component. I was using Blender before, but it’s too ■■■■ complicated for what I need to do. However, this issue of two axes was easily solved by creating an empty object child of my component, and setting is origin where I needed to.

I’ve been trying something similar in SketchUp, but with no success.

Hope it’s clear to everyone!!

If anyone has a suggestion or any other app/process that would make my life easier, I’m totally open to it.

Thanks in advance!!! Any help is welcome!

If I have understood what you want, I think it’s quite simple.

Say you make a cube with origin on one corner. Then you make it into a Group/Component. If you open it you will find its base point will be at the drawing origin, Suppose you actually want it half way along the bottom edge of the cube. All you need do whilst you are inside the Group/Component is to Select All and then move all geometry from the centrepoint of the edge to the drawing origin. That will reset the origin for the Group but when you come out of it, you will see that the drawing origin remains in place.

It would help if you could discuss the use case for two sets of axes.

In SketchUp the axes define the origin and orientation of a coordinate system. Different objects can use different coordinate systems and you can wrap an object in another, but no object can use two coordinate systems at the same time.

As I’m importing the 3D model to Unity, the component is a selectable item on my game.
When I select it, two things must occur.
A point must appear in front of it, and it’s name on top of it.

Are you using the free web version of SketchUp as your profile indicates?

Would a SketchUp construction point work? It doesn’t provide axis directions, but it marks a single point in space.

No, SketchUp Pro Trial…

Can I create it as a child of my object on the Outliner? I’m a little bit confused how the Outliner works, in comparison to Blender/Unity.

It would help us to help you if you correct your profile since SketchUp version is actually important information.

Done! Sorry about that.

Well, we’re even as I don’t know anything about how Blender works :wink:

The SketchUp Outliner shows the containment hierarchy of a model. That is, a component or group can contain (“nest”) other components or groups. When there is nesting, the Outliner provides an expandable hierarchy list.

Only groups and components show in the Outliner. Edges, faces, and other things such as construction points can be inside the container, but they aren’t shown. It would be a terrible mess if they were, as there can be a lot of them!

I’m not sure if it will work for me if it’s not shown in the outliner, given the script that I’m using in Unity, but I’ll give it try.
About that, how do I create a construction point on the face of my object? Hahahaha

Set the component axis when you create the component.

A guide point can be made by dragging the tape measure starting at a node and along an edge. Once created, a construction point can be moved around with the move tool. I put this point on the center of the top face outside the component, you would want to put it inside the same component or select both and make a parent component of both.