Alter boundaries in 3D warehouse component

I downloaded a component from the 3D warehouse. I then edited it, deleting 75% of the component. As you can see, the outline of the original component is still there. How do I change this so that it surrounds just the pieces that are left?

It also isn’t aligned properly to the axes. How do I “mate” one edge to an axis?

There;s either some stray (hidden?) geometry in that area on the bottom right corner.
Delete that geometry

Or it’s just the position of the component’s origin.

In menu Window > Model Info > Components > Component Axes > check 'Show component axes’.

You can right click on the component and select ‘Change Axes’ in the context menu.
Position them near the visible geometry, aligned to the desired edges orientation.

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Yes, you were right, on both accounts - there was hidden geometries and the axes were in the wrong place! Thanks.