How can I change these axes?

Hi everybody.

I convert a shape into a component and now I’m trying to editing more details, but this axes is making hard to add more details. I tried to change them but I wasn’t able to.

I want to change them but I don’t want to affect to the orientation of the other copies of the components.

I want to add to them a hemisphere (as the one you can see in the following picture) but it seems imposible to me with the axes aligned like that.

This is the file is someone is interested or need it.

question3.skp (127.6 KB)

Is there any way to do that?

Thanks in advance.

Select an instance of the component > context-menu > Change Axes
Pick a logical origin - like the circle’s center and height as the blue Z axis…
Now when you edit it the axis is logical.
It does not affect the other instances - i.e. they stay where they are but now have the revised axes.

Alternatively - e.g. in objects with complex geometry, where the whatever axes you have they will not always be positioned as you’d like - in the edit use the Axes tool to position a temporary set of axes so that inferences etc work as you want, reset the axes afterwards in the context-menu…


Thank you TIG, it seems it worked.

I was trying these ones with no results:

  • I used the axes tool while editing the component
  • I select a face and then choose align axes on context menu.

The way you said worked. :wink:

Only one thing more @TIG

Now Axes are OK but front view for the component doesn’t show the component as I’d like.

How can it also affect to the front view of that object while editing the component?

question3.skp (139.5 KB)

@spawn let go of 2d reality and understand that you are working in a 3 dimensional environment.
Use the orbit tool to move around your work, work in perspective mode, like we all do in real life.

This is how front view looks inside the component (it’s rotated).

Yes, I can rotate, but there is no way to fix the front side view (and the rest of views)?

I work with front view and top view for certain things and I’d like this component will look perpendicular to it.

Thanks in advance.

Your discussion raises two related questions in my mind. Pondering them may help you find your way forward:

  • What is special about the particular orientation in which you originally drew the object, such that rotating it to align with the model axes is objectionable? Put another way, if you want to view it square on, why did you draw it askew? There may be good reasons, but it’s something to think about and do deliberately, not by chance.

  • What is the reason for your devotion to the standard view directions (i.e. why does it matter that the view is explicitly “front” vs just aligned looking at your object)? You can create a scene, orient the view as you like, and update the scene to save that particular view, making it easy to return to that orientation with a single click any time. There’s no real advantage to the standard views unless you actually want to show the object askew as it is oriented in the model space!

It doesn’t matter. I will mark the thread as solved because you already helped me with the initial problem.

EDIT: Not sure how to explain it into English, sorry.

I drew them in a wrong pointing in a wrong direction because I’m a beginner.

Why do I want to change how front view for the component is shown? I want it because it’s harder to rotate around a component like that, see the file and you maybe will realize what I mean. But it doesn’t matter, I go ahead with the draw.

Thank you.

Use Parallel view instead of Perspective. When inside the component and editing it, left click to select the face of the circle and then right-click the context menu to select Align View:

Of course, this won’t help with viewing the side of the cylinder.

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Cool @jimhami42, that’s almost what I was looking for in my second question.

So should I consider that option as a temporary way to work?

I mean … there is no way to define a different Top/front/left/right view for a component? I mean a different one in comparison with the whole scene.

Thank you so much, that was very helpful.

It was for this design:

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Not as a property of the component.

But as @jimhami42 says, you can temporarily align the view with a face in the component.

Thank you so much john :wink:

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