Changed world axes

I know you’re not supposed to be able to do that, but somehow I did. The entire world axes in my model are skewed. I’m inside a component, the entire world axes have tilted.

I tried importing the model into a new model, but that just imports everything tilted to the new world axes.

I’m using Sketchup online.

Any idea how to fix this?

OK, so I managed to kludge a solution. I imported the model into a new model. Then I went inside the imported component and copied the stuff inside. Then I went back outside and pasted and it all pasted in the right orientation.

Wow, that really changed my world view.

I would guess you changed the axes of a group or component, not the whole model. If you import that group into a new file, the group’s defined axes come with it, but if you edit the group, copy all the geometry elements, and paste them outside the group, you’ve gotten away from that group’s axes. Axes are set with the axes tool.
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Also, if you’ve moved the axes, you can control-click on one of the axes lines to get a context menu to reset it.
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Howdy and you can change the axis outside the group or component. With the context click.

Or when you create the component you can change it as the default location is the lower left forward corner.

Also helpful when you import items from the 3D Warehouse and you go to place them in your model. As you will find most wont align in your context, chairs are off the floor or door pulls are sideways.

Ah, that’s what I needed. Thanks!

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