Align Axes (Component Edit)

Ok firstly yes I have read various threads on here and yes I have read the sketchup documentation but I am lost.

Somehow whilst working I am managed to mis align a component with it’s bounding box. In that it is rotated of square by 2.2 degrees.

Fine no problem I can make the bounding box refit the component by context clicking and doing a change axes.

This works without issue.

However I had previously noted that in component edit there is an option to Align Axes so I attempted to use this instead.

So I have tried to make Align Axes do something, anything with absolutely no joy.

I reverted to change axes and the bounding box is fixed.

However I would dearly love to know what that option is doing in the edit drop down, and how it is meant to be used.

I am using Sketchup 2020.

It’s a context menu option (when being in edit mode for groups or components) when a face is selected. To align axes to that face. No face selected > it’s not there, even for raw faces.