Solid Component


Hello, I am having problems with my solid component. I have two solid components and do a subtract from them. The ending result shows spots where the component is not connected and does not make the result a solid. What can I do to make it or keep it a solid?

Thank you for any help!!


Those little missing faces suggest that your model is quite small. SU has problems forming faces when down around 1mm. The common workaround is to scale your model up by multiples of 10 (10,100,1000 etc) so that the faces are able to form correctly when you edit, then scale back down when done.

When working with components you can use a large instance of your components copied off to the side to edit, then simply delete the large ones and the small ones will retain the edit.

Another alternative is to work your whole model at a larger size then scale it all down when finished.
As SU was originally developed as an architectural tool it is more comfortable working at house size rather than mouse size.


Since I’m generally more in the mouse than the house size range, and since I am accustomed to working in decimal inches, I typically set my units as decimal feet and then proceed as though I were working in decimal inches. This 12 to 1 increase in scale avoids most of the ill effects of tiny, missing faces, although in extreme cases, scaling up by 12 is not enough-- x100 or x1000 may be necessary.

If you are lucky or smart enough to work in metrics, it’s even better. You can set your units to, say, meters and work in millimeters.

Naturally, the last step is scaling it down to actual size, if necessary.



Thank you guys!! This makes since and should be able to do it no problem! Appreciate it


Hey guys, another question lol why cant i get the follow me tool to follow a path and become a solid component once I make it a component?


Tyler, we work to the same definition of a solid in SU as you. A solid is a group or component containing only raw geometry. It is a closed manifold without leaks or extraneous geometry. Each edge bounds two faces.

If your object is not a solid, one or more of those conditions is not met. Without knowing much more about your particular case, it’s hard to say more.



try removing the path