Why are some of these components solid components and others not?

I have a set of GN containers and when I explode them and split them up in seperate components some of them are volume components and some are normal components.
The containers are all imported from the same drawing.

GNh200.skp (3.5 MB)

Because the chosen unit or its precision of volume is too “big” or to less to show more 0.
Select eg. cubic millimetres


More precision:

That’s a good idea cause now I see the volume but I tried to remake the “normal” components like GN1/3x200 and it still says component but for the two smaller ones it says Vol. ComponentGNh200.skp (3.6 MB)

Are you taking about that Volume components = Solid Components?
Some of your components are not solid,

This is because they contains holes.


That is can be because there are a very small edges which can’t handled nicely in SU.

You can scale up when you creating, then scale down when it is ready.
(Look for “Dave Method” on the forum. :bulb: )

You can use Solid Inspector to hunt for this holes.

Yeah that’s what I meant sorry my SU is in german so i didn’t know the right translation.
That’s weird though that some of them have holes and it’s not the smallest ones

Yes, Sketchup fails to form faces when edge segments get down around the 1/1000". The problem is that we can’t really tell what faces will fail, but some of them “will”. And it is really depends what order the edges are placed-calculated.

So the best is always avoid the small edges when you are creating such a rounding --by drawing on larger scale – , then you can scale down and you get the tiny faces scaled down right.

I’m in Germany now, I do not speak German well, but I can tell you I always hava difficulties to find the right translation… :slight_smile: :wink:

I will recommend to assign Tag only for groups components and draw/leave the edges and faces assigned to Untagged.

You did it in an opposite way in your model!


Oh I thought that wasn’t relevant ty

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Sure not, just an advice… :beers: