Components as solids, failing

I am trying and failing to create solid components. I am assuming that solid components are one key to designing high performance models (good geometry). Not every one fails, but when they do, I cannot determine what I am doing to cause the errors. Then using Solid Inspector2, I get dialog boxes that I simply cannot understand, eg. nested instances (see screenshot). And most times, I can fix the errors. But, I am more interested in finding why/how I am creating the problems.

In this sample file, I created the plate (solid at this point). I then added the holes from the front surface, used intersect with faces and promptly broke the solid. The component on the right with simple holes created without issues.

Any and all help appreciated …

solid.skp (134.8 KB)

You’re using components that create their own hole. To make it be one solid geometry, select the three holes and explode them.

Being a solid helps with 3D printing. I don’t think it’s needed as a way to make a model be efficient, but whatever you fix while making it be a solid could well be things that needed fixing.