Nested Components in Imported Parts

I have been experiencing difficulty turning imported parts from Solidworks/AutoCAD into solids on Sketchup. I have been using the SolidSolver, Cleanup 3, and Solid Inspector 2 extensions.

The current challenge is as follows: I upload the part using the STEP/Solidworks file converter extension. When the rendered part appears, I am able to use the Cleanup 2 extension on it to eliminate some problems, and then when I use the Solid Inspector extension on the part, Sketchup tells me I have “Nested Components” that I have to manually fix. Then, when I try to use SolidSolver to make my part a solid, Sketchup crashes. I have yet to use SolidSolver without Sketchup completely crashing.

If someone could help me with a step-step set of guidelines for how to make parts like these turn into solids, that would be awesome. I uploaded a simplified example of a part I’ve been unable to convert into a solid.

ButtonSample.skp (2.1 MB)

As I told you in one of your previous threads, the file from Solid Works comes in with surfaces divided into components. You have to explode those components in SketchUp so you can make the model into a cohesive unit.

You also need to fix the reversed faces.

Here I’ve exploded all of the components, corrected the face orientation and created a component. I ran Solid Inspector 2 which fixed a couple of things and alerted me to a hole which was fixed by tracing an edge. Not really very much to it.

ButtonSample.skp (820.4 KB)

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Crashing is often caused by small faces. Try to scale up the work temporarily.

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In this particular model I didn’t have any issues with tiny faces not filling in but @DanRathbun is absolutely correct. For smaller parts it’s often a good idea to work at a larger scale. You can scale the model up and back down or use my preferred method of creating a component, making a copy of it and scaling only that copy up. After completing whatever modeling needs doing, I exit edit mode for the large copy and delete it before returning to the original copy which is where I left it.