Model Not Solid Component

I have a model (2018 Pro) that was created from multiple components, exploded, ran Clean3 and SolidInspector2 with no errors found and then created a new components (selecting all), however it does not show as a Solid Component in the Entity Inspector.

What can I try next, so that I can successfully 3D print the model?

Share the .skp file so we can see what you’re working with.

run clean3 and solidinspector2 again after making the component with all selected faces.

Here is the Sketchup model… This is the ungrouped and non-component version.

Part v3.skp (317.6 KB)

I tried that again, just now, without success.

I see some places where the geometry doesn’t make sense to me and some bits I would model differently but I’m not yet able to see any obvious problems.

Fixit 101 by Anton S is always a handy tool.
Fixit 101

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Thank you. That worked. It is now a solid component.

@DaveR, what suggestions would you have to improve the model?

There are some places where the geometry is triangulated and it doesn’t seem like it should be. The angled lines are the clues.

It appears this thing should be symmetrical but you haven’t modeled it that way. Those notches, for example are different.

The recess thing shown with the geometry selected doesn’t extend all the way across the opening like the others. Maybe that’s intentional but it doesn’t seem like it.

There’s also little jogs in the faces where those through holes come through into the bottom. Again show selected. Maybe again they are supposed to be that way but they aren’t that way on the other side.

If I were modeling this thing I would do it with units set to meters and I would enter my dimensions as such. Scale down afterward or if the slicer allows you to enter the units when you import the stl, just tell it the units are millimeters or inches depending on the size the thing is really supposed to be.

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Thank you @DaveR for your keen eye on these details. I will look into and address the items you have identified as areas of improvement. This is my first Sketchup model that I am having 3D printed, so I appreciate you taking the time to assist me in getting improving my skills.

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You’re quite welcome.

Another benefit to working large is the option to make smoother rounded surfaces if you need to.

When you have something like this that is supposed to be symmetrical, leverage that. Model only half of is and then make a copy of the geometry and flip it to make the opposite side.