Scale orientation problem


Having a problem when scale a group or component.
It a very simple component that I modeled parallel to the axis and then rotate it.
The Blue box looks correct (inside group axis) but when i sleect the scale tool the box to scale show on the “world” axis instead.

If the selection contains only a group/component scale tool should honor the axes inside of it. If the selection contains anything else, e.g. a tiny edge somewhere, the tool honors the drawing axes.

make sure the local axes inside the group/component is aligned to it and that the selection doesn’t contain anything else.

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@eneroth3 thanks for yor answer.
I am aware of that. theres is nothing else inside the component. What I meant is that the blue box that appears when you select the group should be exactly the same as the box on the scale tool. wich is not. the scale tool box honours the world axis instead of the internal component axis. I can solve it by explode the component and regroup it but I have 67 instances of this component on my file I didnt want to place all of them again.

Maybe you could share this SKP file so we can see exactly what you’ve got and give you some help.

This should not be the case. It would be great to get your skp so we can see what is happening

Thanks for your help.
I cannot send the entire file but I can send the a new file with just the component inside.
It still does the error.comperror.skp (173.9 KB)

I believe the issue has to do with how this piece is not at actual scale. To fix this, can place the component axis ON the geometry…


What steps did you use to make that component?

Thanks for your help.
Never had this problem before and I am sure I have done components not touching the axis before.

I see the corners are 0.13 degrees out of square. I don’t know if that’s intentional.

I noticed it, too. Figured there’s some reason for it.

I cannot remember exactly but one of the 2:

Could you show me where? cant find that error… its telling me that all corners do 90degres (seen from the top view). Its just a simple rectangle that I extruded and then beveled the corners with “round corners plugin”

The component’s name is Group#2. So you must have made it a group before making the component. That seems unnecessary. And using a plugin to create a component from a group doesn’t require a plugin.

Ok thats my bad that I probably made a group and then copy it multiple times and only after convert all of them to a component. Could that be a problem? I do that many times.


That could be a problem. I’ve seen others report that, too. I only make components so that sort of thing is never a problem.

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I found making components a lot slower than groups… especially the native way to do it on sketchup… theres always a dialog box to fill with info only required if I want to do some listing or BIM stuff… and after you press ok it takes time to finalize… If I convert from group its instantanous… So my rule its something like… If you are going to use it more than once on that file - component, if not Group…
The problem with that rule is sometimes I create a group that I only decide to use more than once later.

The issue of it skewing to ~89.9 is that the component is not at its original scale.

Here is the original…

If you measure the angle, it is at 90.

Not sure how this was scaled but that is causing the issue.

@Diogo Did you happen to use and extension at any point to change the scale of the original component?



It seems like the transformation of the example instance has somehow gotten messed up and skewed. It reports x, y and z axes that are inconsistent with the values in the transformation! Changing the axes as @ChrisDizon showed forces SketchUp to regenerate the transformation and that heals it.

I have no clue how the transformation got that way.