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I am trying to scale a component globally along its local axes but I don’t want to open it and scale its contents, just scale entire component. As you can see, it is not aligned to world axes and I’m also not going to align it, I want to keep its world position, just quickly rescale it. Is there any quick way to do this?

I tried Fredo Scale but I think it doesn’t provide solution to this. Fredo Scale tries to match smallest bounding box and native SU scale tool will always scale it along world axes :frowning: I’d need a tool that will respect component’s local axes.

Not completely sure I’m getting what you’re after but perhaps…You can double nest your component. Open the component for editing, select all and make a new component out of that. Now you have bounding boxes two layers deep, each of which can have its axis set to any orientation.

I think you can create some geometry on the axis you prefer and click on it after envoking fredo scale click on that line/axis and the scale box will switch to that local axis. The reference geometry doesn’t have to be part of the component you are scaling.

Mics_54 - yes, I tried this but Fredo Scale will never stick 100% to the axes I dictate.

Endlessfix - unfortunately double nesting means editing the component which I want to avoid.

Maybe there are more plugins about scaling but apart from Fredo Sclae I don’t know any :frowning:

Huh. Sketchup native scale should obey the axis of the individual component, not the global, it should scale along the bounding box regardless of orientation. Not sure what you’re seeing there. Can you post the file? Or perhaps I’m missing the point, it’s early and the coffee has just started.

I’m sorry I have to be ignorant here…can you tell me more about this “native scaling”. Is that scaling using the API? Or is there a new scaling tool of which I’m not familiar?

No, it’s the built in scale tool. In this case I’m using “native” scaling to distinguish between that and Fredoscale which the OP was also asking about.

I am confused however @michal.p , if you select the arc segment component we see there with the scale tool does it’s scale bounding box not appear in line with its original blue bounding box we are seeing? I’m coufused about where the larger yellow bounding box on the global axis is coming from.

omg…I had totally forgotten there was such a scaling tool native to sketchup!

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Awesome! Now you have a new tool to play with, it’s a great one.

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I had gotten so used to using Fredo tools. They are so awesome! I also just learned that the tapemeasure tool can scale the single component. I always thought it resized ALL the entire model. Perhaps the tapemeasure can solve the scaling issue for michal.peczak?

Tape measure is a nice tool when you want to scale uniformly. I need non-uniform scaling.

Endlessfix - it’s how you’re saying - the yellow scaling box doesn not match the blue bounding box of the component. And you’re also right that SU native tool should respect compo’s axes - only now I realized that there’s something wrong with this particular file. I downloaded it from 3d warehouse. I created new group - a box which scales normally. But the bush behaves wild indeed.

dianella3.1.skp (308.5 KB)

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Yes, its a strange bush indeed. The individual leaves have been skewed. I’m still messing with it, but for a short fix select a single leaf and right click for the context menu, then select reset skew. The scale bounding box will return to normal behavior.

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This short fix is just what I needed, thak you :smiley:

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