Can anyone solve this simple scale tool problem?

scale problem

You can either temporarily change the axes to match the objects, or use the FredoScale plugin. (For which you also need to install the latest version of FredoLib.)


Also, if you make the three objects into a component together you can set the axis of that component independent of the global axis.

Select the three boxes
right click, choose make component
choose set component axis from dialogue box that appears.
Arrange axis square with one corner of your boxes (click once for corner, once for red, once for green)
choose “create” from dialogue box

Scale tool is now square with boxes, and will be for all future instances regardless of orientation

You can also always reset a components axis after creation by right clicking on a component and choosing “change axis”.

In 3D, we say local axes or global axes

  • Global axes is about References Axes
  • Local axes is about the point of view of your object, so when you turn your object you have to modify tour axes with Axes Tools.

Yo have to redefine your axes and click for X and Y, and you will see all is OK after that.

Good luck,

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