Scale nested components



Is there an easy way to scale two nested components without distortion?

I would lite to scale only the rectangle, keeping both components nested.

I have tried to remove all scale handles (component properties) but this does not work.

Thank you

duda su.skp (314.9 KB)


You need to scale with opposing corners, and not inline with either the X (Red), or Y (Green) Axis.



Thank you JimD,

But I just want to scale in the X axis. (In fact I am just changing the lenX attribute, because it is linked to other components).


Fredo scale box stretching


Constrain the circle components LenX and LenY in the Dynamic Components Attribute panel by formula.
And derive the position from the rectangle component.


check this:
I have made the circle component ‘cut’ through the rectangle, to avoid z-fighting…

check the file:
rectangleCircle.skp (166.4 KB)


Thank you, Mics_54

Fredoscale is a solution. But I can not use it, because in my model there are many pieces (the rectangles of my post) whose lenghts are calculated. Changing all of them with a plugin would be slow.


Thank you Mike,

Your solution works even if I make copies of the nested component.
I wish I posted last monday; I would have saved a lot of work.


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