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Hi there
I have a model of a building. I am trying to export jpegs of standard views of this building (left, right, front , back etc), so i can print off drawings, which all need to be to the same scale. How do I make a view at a certain scale before i export it and print it?
What i mean is, I can set the camera to a front view of the model, make it fill the screen, export and print. When i switch to a left view, how do I make the camera to the same level of zoom so that when i export and print, it will come out at the same scale

Hi rsk,
You can export it to Layout which is a Sketchup Pro feature (File>Send to Layout).

Inside Layout you can do lots of things as well as adjusting scales precisely. Check this out and the chapters on the right: LayOut | SketchUp Help

a friendly note: if you’re exporting something for print, never use jpeg. Use .pdf instead (pdf supports vector lines etc.)

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Hi filibis
unfortunately i only have make, not layout. Also, when I export a 2D graphic it doesn’t give me the option of pdf: only jpeg, tif, bmp, png

There’s no direct way to export raster images to scale.

If you just want to show an image where each view is the same relative size, make copies of the model and rotate them so yo can show all of the views in a single image.

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You can try Anssi’s advise for pdf and quantj’s for scaling: How to export a scaled pdf file from sketchup - #3 by Anssi

thanks for the replies. But it’s it bit more complicated than i first described. I don’t just want standard views of the same model: i want each view to have certain parts of the model hidden, and dimensions and text added. So i have each view saved as a separate file, and no way to co-ordinate the level of zoom of each file when i export it as a 2D graphic

This would be easily accomplished with LayOut. Perhaps it’s time to upgrade to Pro.

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In Make, so long as you use a standard orthogonal view, and Camera/Parallel projection, you can print directly to scale. It can be tricky (search this forum for Make, print to scale) but I do it regularly.

And there is a range of free software for Windows that will install a driver to allow you to Print to PDF when you select Print.

1- Create scenes for each of your desired view. (If you don’t know much about scenes, check this: Creating Scenes | SketchUp Help)
2- Add texts, labels, dimensions etc. (More info about this: Hinzufügen von Text, Beschriftungen und Abmessungen zu einem Modell | SketchUp Help)
3- Hide or show objects, change styles etc. that you want in your each scene individually and update.
4- Zoom extents in your scenes. (Seems like if you don’t, scaling will fail on next step.)
5- File > Print , Change printer name to Adobe PDF (i don’t see it for some reason but should be there). I printed directly and it’s precisely scaled! (and looks sharp). Also appearently you need to print scenes one by one. Here is the print setting i did:

That seems like a good solution: get acquainted with scenes! thanks

Did you get any luck with this, as I am in the same situation.
Many Thanks

Did you try the options presented here? LayOut will be the best bet.

To simply get the same view in two models to get consistency in scale you can use my Camera Memory.

For an exact scale, you can use my Scaled Perspective, to see what exact height the image should be given, e.g. in InDesign or Powerpoint, for the scale to apply.

But really I’d recommend to use SketchUp Pro and LayOut. It’s from purchases the program we all love is funded.

Without plugins. Make a square, and Camera > Zoom Extents: