How to export a scaled pdf file from sketchup


is there anyway to export a 1/4" scaled pdf file from a sketchup drawing?


In SketchUp Pro, you have Layout, which allows you to print/export to pdf. Within Layout, you can choose your scale of your SketchUp drawing. Can’t think of any method to print directly from SketchUp to a certain scale. I suppose if you don’t need perfect accuracy, you could draw a line in SketchUp (example 12"), export 2D image, open in Photoshop, and resize appropriately before print.
Maybe there’s a plug-in for zooming to scale or some sort…


From SketchUp Make: Use a PDF printer driver (there are a zillion different available, commercial and free, I use Adobe Acrobat), select a standard view, switch your camera to parallel projection and print, setting the scale in the Print dialog. For crisp CAD-like lines, but no textures or shadows, you can use the “Use high-accuracy HLR” print setting (Vector Printing on a Mac).

SketchUp Pro has a PDF exporter of its own that also produces vector-only PDF files.


Scale for standard views