Sandbox doesn't work in sketchup 2020

Hi everybody! Does anyone know why sandbox tool smoove command doesn’t work in sketchup 2020?? thank you

You’d need to show us what you are trying to do. Upload the SketchUp model file. Sandbox tools work for me jin SU2020 without any problem. I’ve seen examples from other users, too so it isn’t just a case of the tools not working in 2020.

Hi I am a totally new user who has downloaded Pro 2020 - I just was wanting to load the Sandbox Extension, but it says not compatible with 2020 - only 2019 and before.
What’s the situation?

The sandbox tools are native with SketchUp and included in SU20202. If you still feel the need to download and install, go ahead. The extension works fine. It’s just that due to other commitments, the compatibility list hasn’t been updated yet.

Ah… everything I read said you had to download…