Round surface chamfer


I have a semi circle of a ring with convex chamfers on the two outer faces, I need to make a round chamfro at the ends of this ring in the inner area. I could not do with the “pushpull and followme” command. Is there a plugin that does this?


You could do it with any combination of Artisan Tools, SubD, Round Corner and the native Intersect tool.


Can you tell me how to do this? If needed, I can send you the file of the item that I’m drawing.

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You should post it here, i will have a look but wont have time until the weekend sorry.


Thanks, follows the item file and photo of the original item.

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Moelo1.9.skp (124 KB)


Fiz um passo a passo para você!

In 04 model, use the subtract tool.
In 07 model, use round corner plugin.


Rodolfo’s on the right track. It looks like there’s something else that needs to be done at the end of the hook. Can you share some other views of it?



Muito obrigado, estou considerando que “4” e “7” seja a sequencia das figuras da esquerda para direita dwe cima para baixo, vou tentar fazer , caso nao consiga faco contato novamente

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Thanks Dave for the return. What you suggest is doing a “subtract” with the block designed?

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I used the Trim tool from Eneroth’s Solid Tools instead of the native Trim or Subtract for two reasons. I made components of the hook shape as well as of the “cutter” shape and I wanted the hook to remain as a component. The native Solid Tools convert components to groups when they modify them. Eneroth’s Solid Tools leave you with components which is the way the Solid Tools should work. I needed the shapes to be components because I used the “Dave Method” to avoid any potential issues with tiny faces. I used Trim because I wanted to keep the cutters in case I wanted to use them again.


Thanks Dave, I’ll try and any problem again I write

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